gobble gooble. (a little late.)

it is disgusting if you are still eating thanksgiving leftovers.


well, not really.

however…if you still have a hankering for all things thanksgiving…here is a thanksgiving pictorial for your eyes to feast upon.

we started off the day with our 3rd annual run to feed the hungry with 30,000 of our closest friends.

as you can tell, jasen is very excited. i know he doesn’t love to run…but he loves me…so he does it.

after the race, jasen told our out of town friends, nikki and jordan, to meet us at the fleet feet tent. was there a fleet feet tent?

no, there was not.

after an hour of searching through a never-ending sea of 30,000 people, we found nikki wondering the parking lot of sac state, alone, tired, scared and naked.

well maybe not naked.

after the “adventure” we went home to set the table and cook a wonderful meal together. our floridian friends, the talleys, also came over to celebrate.

here is nikki making something delicious.

i don’t know why you need so many views of our table…but here they are nonetheless.

nikki thought this turkey was creepy. guess that is why it ended up with her name on it. i think it looks sad. like we were gonna eat it. maybe i should have stopped telling him that.

the next day we went to apple hill to pick out a christmas tree. i think it only took us 20 minutes this year. every year it takes a little less. putting jasen in charge is always a good idea. otherwise we wander around aimlessly for (literally) hours circling the same tree. “did we see this one before?”

of course, we had to stop and get a fritter and apple cider. okay…and a dozen apple donuts.

it always takes us a few practice photos to get the best shot:


2 thoughts on “gobble gooble. (a little late.)

  1. I felt like I was there all over again. And…thank goodness I was not naked. But I’ve never been that lost before. I almost started crying when I saw you…ok, ok, maybe I did tear up a bit…it was scary! I love you and miss you.

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