california international marathon 2009

i finished.

that is an accomplishment within itself, right?

the night before the marathon my tummy was filled with knots and my head was filled with questions i am sure had no answers. what if i do not finish? does it matter that i only ran 20 miles and never the full marathon distance? will oatmeal be a good enough breakfast? do i really want to carry my handheld water bottle for 26.2 miles? did i pick the right clothes? what if i have to go to the bathroom? what if i have to go NUMBER 2?



we went to the convention center to pick up our race packets and hung around the expo for a bit. runners are weird people. especially all them in one place. a few people (well, MOST people) were dressed to run. were they going to be sleeping in those clothes to save time? should I be sleeping in my clothes too?! what if i wake up late or can’t find my lucky underwear?!



our friends monique and wes were running the marathon together, so we decided to all share a yummy carb loading meal, chicken a la denae. delicious.

we were up and early at 4:45 to meet wes and monique. IT WAS COLD. like 29 degrees cold.

here i am ready to go in the pitch black of the morning. did i mention, cold?

wes and monique were much faster than me so i we said our goodbyes and off we went. i wanted to finish between the 4:20-4:30 mark, so i lined up with my pace team. folsom has many hills and does not hold fond memories for me. however, i was feeling good, happy and ready to tackle this race. i held my own.

throughout the race, jasen was able to meet me at several locations. i had no idea how much i needed those sightings. i think it may have been mile 7,11,14 and the finish. the places i did not see him, i was able to recognize friends in the crowd which kept me going through the race. i am sure i could not have keep my momentum or positive thinking without these amazing people who braved the cold to cheer us on.

i ran with gloves for the first seven miles. usually i run with gloves for the first 7 seconds. another great reason to see jasen. pass him all crap i didn’t feel like carrying.

here i am at the first jasen spotting.

the first 13 miles went great. i ran a little faster than i expected and felt good.

then mile 22. i didn’t hit the runner’s wall…but rather some sort of weird knee pain-so-bad-i-could-hardly-run wall. luckily, i had my phone. i called jasen to hear his voice and encourage me the last few miles. he told me to walk. i didn’t want to walk. but my knee didn’t want to run. i took his advice, cried a few tears, and watched the 4:30 pace marker pass me by.

sad day.

i remembered my hard training, a lunch to eat whatever i want, and blared “don’t stop believing” from the glee soundtrack.

then i was done. just like that. 26.2 miles. i am a marathon runner.

and maybe a little bit of a crybaby.

here i am crossing the finish line. its a pretty pathetic picture, my form is bad and the expression on my face is horrible. but i finished.

i was so happy to see all my friends and family there waiting at the end. never in my life was i so happy to see everyone. and take and aspirin. and to stop running.

this is wes, me, and monique. they were rockstars and finished with personal records. i guess i had a personal record too.

i wanted to finish between 4:20-4:30…and with all the “drama” i finished at 4:32. not bad.

jasen let me buy this at fleet feet as a souvenir:

i hope santa brings me a new pair of these for christmas:

as for nike+? it totally went out on me. now i don’t have a record in my account. sigh.

but at least i have this crappy medal to brag about.


5 thoughts on “california international marathon 2009

  1. Amanda,
    we always knew you had it in you and now not only did you do a marathon, you are, like Alyssa said part of an elite group of people who have taken 16 weeks out of their lives and concentrated on running. you ran the marathon and you ran it well. so like you said you are a marathon runner and ask anyone who has ever done one you deserve to be a little bit of a crybaby 🙂 it is like those old friends that whenever you see them you pick up right where you left off. You’ve got the bug and when you do run another marathon . . .:) you will pick up and remember how much you learned and how much you enjoy running. Great Job. BE PROUD of your Accomplishment not many can say they have done it.

  2. You are such an inspiration, girl! I am a crybaby too because I am crying just reading this. I LOVE that you were listening to that Glee song. It’s totally my power song. Congratulations on running a marathon!!!

  3. wow, amanda! SO proud of you! takes me back to those days at camp when you totally kicked my butt running every day. i have since pretty much quit, save an occasional visit to the treadmill in my apt complex. so, way to go!!

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