2009 rundown and races

what a mighty year it has been for running.

i began running on april 23, 2007. almost 3 years ago. i guess i should say i “painfully” walked-jogged most of 2007. in january 2008 i made a new years resolution to jog 500 miles. by june 2008, i had already ran 500 miles and decided to go for a 1,000 miles.

done and done.

here i am last year in celebration of the 1,000 mile.

a very exciting time and an important milestone. which also helped me generate one of my most popular posts: achilles tendonitis. thank you for that, random internet surfers.

come january 1st, 2009…i decided that i would not make a new “running” resolution. trying to beat a number become more of a chore than an enjoyable running experience. i decided i would let the year take shape as it needed.

now looking back, i should have set myself some reasonable boundaries.

here’s 2009’s rundown:

january: 50.64 miles. no races
february: 56.09 miles. 4 mile valentine run
march: 97.32 miles. no races
april: 115.04 miles. santa cruz half marathon (my first!) and run rocklin 5k

this my cute friend jeni and i after the race. we carried that baby the whole way. passed it back and forth like a baton.
i kid.
may: 50.32 miles. river parkway half marathon

this my other cute friend jenn and i after the race.

june: 53.59 miles. nike women’s fitness festival 5K
july: 72.4 miles. no races.
august: 101.71 miles. no races.
september: 82.12 miles. disneyland half marathon

october: 82.12 miles. nike women’s half marathon san francisco.

november: 124.91 miles. run to feed the hungry 5k

what a year! a total of 210 workouts and 1,004.57 miles for the year. nike plus has been a great way to help keep record of my runs. however…i forgot to bring my sensor for the parkway half, and it flaked out for 18 miles of the marathon. so you can add 1,004.57+31.1= 1,035.67 miles in 2009.

not bad for a year without resolutions.

9 races. 4 half marathons and 1 full marathon.

here i am after the 1,000 mile.

what does 2010 hold?

a little rest for my weary legs.


4 thoughts on “2009 rundown and races

  1. Awesome! I think if I had a nike + I’d be more motivated. Maybe I’ll get me some new running kicks too. I really want to race again. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration!

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