our (small) connection with haiti.

below is a letter we have sent out to friends, friend of friends and co-workers this week. please read below, click on the sites and pass the information along.


Hi everyone!

Below is an email we have sent out informing friends about our connection with Haiti. Thank you so much for listening and taking the time to read below. The CNN link is appropriate for the kids if they are interested in watching. Below are links which help explain the organizations we are partnering with in Haiti and Texas.

Another organization (not listed below) you can check out would be heartlineministries.org They were featured last night on ABC News with Diane Sawyer.

Thanks for reading.

Dear friends,

Jasen and I have been closely connected to the recent earthquake in Haiti. We have a friend who is adopting a boy from a rescue center, and was in Haiti visiting him with her 9 month old baby when the earthquake occurred. Thankfully, everyone is accounted for and injury free. She was able to get evacuated to an air force base in new jersey Friday morning, and has made her way home to Orange County where her husband and 2 other children reside.
If you want to hear more about her story…


We also have other friends who live in Austin, Texas who have adopted a girl and boy from a rescue center called Real Hope for Haiti. Their daughter, Story, lives with them, while their son, Amos, still lives in Haiti. Fortunately, he is ok as well. They were interviewed on CNN on Friday morning, and here is a link to their story.

Ivey CNN interview

Jasen and I feel impacted to spread their stories and encourage others to help as well. We have been working with a non-profit organization called H.E.L.P (www.helpendlocalpoverty.com) and have been designing t-shirts which will aid in the relief effort. We are convinced many people are interested in getting involved but don’t know how or are afraid their money will get lost in the process. Buying a shirt is an easy way to get money to the people in need. H.E.L.P. is working directly with people on the ground in Haiti – specifically Real Hope for Haiti. 100% of the proceeds from the shirts are going to Real Hope for Haiti.

To order shirts, visit:


If you would like to donate to H.E.L.P’s relief, visit the link below. We have set up an Emergency Fund where you can donate directly.

haiti emergency donation fund

Below is a link detailing H.E.L.P’s involvement with Real Hope for Haiti.

H.E.L.P and RHFH

Thank you for taking the time to listen. Please feel free to forward this message along and contact us with any questions.

Jasen and Amanda Ashdown


here are our small step in hope of a huge impact.


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