shamrock half marathon

wow, it has been busy around here. crazy, crazy business around school, plus, lets throw half marathon training and a race in there while we are at it.

jasen made a new year’s resolution to run his first (and hopefully not only) half marathon this year. so, why wait? we signed up for the first one we could.

jasen was a trooper throughout training. i am sure he hated the “drill sergeant” all the way through it…but he endured. actually, his casual attitude relaxed our training a bit…which was good. i say that now. but during training i complained.

however, i know my OCD nature will pop right back into the rigorous schedule i hold for the next race. no more taking wednesdays off.

no more.

i don’t have too many pictures this round. but here are a few of the big day.

before race:

after race:

jasen relaxing after race:

i made the mistake of turning on the jets in our tub, which overflowed the tub. big time. about 3/4 of the tub is bubbles.

so, the year is still young…so many races to run….and choices to be made. but one thing is clear:



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