open house 2010

not the house kind. the school kind.

here is what my classroom looked like this year for open house. (not too much different than last year.)

i used an application to take these pictures. colors are weird. and possibly blurry. but i am a multi-subject teacher. this does not include photography.

can’t be good at everything.

pioneer poetry: (sutter’s fort/ westward expansion unit)

“so many” kids…had to get space creative…

wanted poster: (gold rush unit)

volcano reports: (natural disasters unit)

quiz boards: (electricity unit)
Students made up quiz boards about any topic of 4th grade. ran wires on the back of the board matching answers to questions and built a circuit.

op art:

we had to bring the “me” people back. so hilarious. (it’s a “replica” of themselves dressed in their clothes and sitting in their desk. the little people are quite frightening when walking into a room by yourself.) A clay mission, mission brochure and a pioneer diary make out their collection.

this may be a better picture of the volcano:


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