stalk blog

is that even a phrase?


so i try not to follow too many blogs of people i don’t know. i like to spend whatever free time i have reading about people i know or almost know. i follow a blog from a great group of ladies called mama manifesto. i’m neither a mama or manifestoish…but these women are brilliant. they have design, recipes and real life questions and answers. kristen, a contributing writer, is a friend of ours and is an incredible, honest and authentic person. if you want to laugh, cry and do it at once, check out her blog at she is definitely worth the stalk blog.

anyway again.

so the post on mama manifesto today was nesting eye candy. cursing is usually left for the can’t think of anything smarter to say crowd, but sometimes you just got to let one slip from excitement. this is that occurrence.


while i am at it, here is another post from the gals you should try. i have made everyone of these drinks and loved it.
Cool Summertime Beverages


One thought on “stalk blog

  1. I want to live in those places. Man I can’t wait to have a place of my own one day. You’re so good at decorating too. Can you come to the Philippines and help me?

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