rambling while running

running is good for me for a lot of reasons. other than weight loss.

freak of nature, i know.

however, people…we are keeping this positive. or honest.

or definitely weird.

while i am running i have a lot of time to think. and when i think i start with a snowflake and end with an avalanche.

for example:

i think, “humm…too bad the nick and jessica show is not on anymore. it was funny.”
“it is too bad nick and jessica broke up. maybe they shouldn’t have had a show at all. fame is a monster.”
“i wonder if john mayer was really nice to jessica. he is such a douche.”
“ooohhhh. i can not wait to see him in august.”
“why does everyone keep saying she is fat. she is not fat.”
“i am glad i am not a celebrity. rachel zoe would make me wear TOO HIGH heels and i would trip and fall and someone would catch it on film. then people would laugh at me on youtube. or worse, the soup.”
“why does she have to make such cute shoes?”

and avalanche.

and before you know it, i have ran 7 miles.

keep it classy, JS.


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