the world to come. a novel. a fancy, fancy novel.

hey, ma!

i am a reader now!

i was just reviewing a previous post from a year ago about my summer’s reading list.

you want to know what i actually finished?

ahem….here i go:

breaking dawn
the ENTIRE harry potter series
bettle and the bard
the help
the world to come. a novel.

now, the first 3 are easy. young adult fiction. goes down like yummy tasting cough syrup. not much brain used, not much brain lost.
then i venture into an uber fancy book club. with people who read like big-people books.
first, i read the help and really liked it. it is a wonderful summer read if you are looking for something quick and escape-like.

i just finished the world to come: a novel. it was a very fancy book. full of big words and suggestive situations and well, you know. grown-up stuff. i really did like it. it had amazing statements and lines that i could (and might) quote again and again. i am anxious for my fancy book group to talk about it.

i am even desiring artwork from chagall or rothko. because i am fancy now. a fancy, fancy reader.

i would like to share the rest of my summer reads, but it may just be 100 degrees in my office. i am beginning to sweat in places a fancy person doesn’t share about.


4 thoughts on “the world to come. a novel. a fancy, fancy novel.

  1. although it just occurred to me that I might not be in the fancy fancy book group. I might be in the fluffy teenage drama book group. which i am totally ok with.

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