caught up

this title holds two meanings for me today.

1st meaning:

i added “caught up” by usher to my run mix this morning. wow. what a good choice. what is it with me and my unhealthy obsession with pop music? i wish i could say it was strictly for running purposes. but unfortunately, it has bled into my real life.

speaking of bleeding, that brings me to my next meaning:

last night i was folding sheets in my room while watching, well let us just call it a “show.” i can’t confess to many obsessions at once. then what will future me write about?

anyway, back to folding sheets and watching, let’s say, “dateline.” because of the many facets of my OCD, i decided it would best to stand on my bench-like footboard so the sheets don’t touch the ground and possibly pick up dust, dirt, or who-knows-what.

so here i am, watching “dateline” and folding sheets on my footboard. i lift my arms high above my head to get those corners perfectly tucked into each other and to keep it from touching the floor when 2 of my fingers get caught up the blades of the revolving ceiling fan.

remember when i was neurotic about not getting dust, dirt or who-knows-what on my sheets? did i take in consideration about 2 bloody stumps resting on my newly laundered sheets?

yeah, forgot about that one.

actually, no blood, but it is very bruised and a tad swollen to the touch or to any sudden movement. it’s basically a useless appendage at this point.

people, don’t let fingers get caught up in the ceiling fan. but, usher is ok.


2 thoughts on “caught up

  1. OH MY GOSH!!! This story makes me cringe. I’m glad you are somewhat ok though. BE careful. This makes me never wand to do laundry again…it’s such a dangerous job.
    On a happier note…Ursher got the beat to make your booty go smack.

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