battle of the device

seriously, people…how do you keep it straight?

since beginning my running journey 3 years ago, i have been a huge advocate for nike+. However, it has been so dramatic.

like, dramatic.

so, i have been on the market for something else.

i have used the garmin watch as well, but have you seen this thing? it’s like strapping an ipad on your wrist.

tan line what?!

i have recently tried out and it is nice to input the information, and not trust a drama queen to protect my most sacred workouts.

because nike+ is a big ‘ol untrustworthy baby most days.

but i think i may have found a possible solution.

you hear that?
listen carefully.

it’s the sound of the heavens opening up and the angels singing.

thanks to jamie’s posts on facebook, i have discovered daily mile. now, i can import my nike+ and garmin ipad watch all in one handy website.

very cool.

very cool indeed.


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