meat. it’s what’s for dinner.

and lunch.

and breakfast.

i have made a commitment to my 3 1/2 loyal readers that this would be a safe place. free from contrite banter of a normal girl claiming “she’s fat.” it is still not that. i promise.

but, i think i have something wrong with me. and where would it be more safe to read these outpouring cries, then on the world wide web?

can i get an amen?

after 7 weeks into my training, i have noticed i have not lost any weight. eh. who cares, right?

so i decided i needed to check in at the gym and get my weight and body fat percentage measured just in case my scale was wrong.

which certainly it was wrong, right?


since my last “check-in” (2 years ago) i have gained 7 pounds and about 2% body fat.


you know what i have done in 2 years?

besides run 6 half marathons and a full marathon?

oh, “is that all?” you say.

so i marched myself down to my local max muscle to talk to my good friend brandon. he explained that i am probably not getting enough protein in my daily diet.

let’s start there.

100 grams daily as a matter of fact.

a day.

like, in 24 hours.

i have no intention of “bulking up” or developing abs like “the situation.” i like to keep the jersey shore to television, ah thank you.

how about running in a sports bra or not worried that my thighs are rubbing together as i walk? or having to buy mom jeans before becoming a mom?

you know. what every girl wants.

maybe guys too. i don’t judge.

to help aid and abed the 100 gram process, brandon also helped me enlist in a max muscle supplement called MAX DE-LITE.

Max De-Lite, by Max Muscle Sports Nutrition (MMSN), is the complete weight loss solution to get your body in shape. Specifically designed for adults, Max De-Lite contains several clinically proven weight loss ingredients to suppress appetite, provide maximum calorie burning (thermogenic effect), accelerate fat loss, increases energy and elevate the body’s metabolism.

and it comes in this big tub: (you know, like the serious crazies people use.)

but as with any side to the rainbow…there are let’s say, side effects.

enter fiber.

exit this conversation.

because i think we are all smart enough to realize what fiber does to your body.

mmmm.mmmm. delicious.

hopefully this will help. because i don’t think i am ready to face something serious. like a thyroid issue.

cause that would stink.

more than fiber.


2 thoughts on “meat. it’s what’s for dinner.

  1. what’s a half-person?
    and why you gotta knock mom jeans, eh?
    okay, you can knock them, just not the moms.
    birthing heads is hard, you know.

    and i love your bedding below =)

    but i don’t know about the powder.
    i’m just saying.
    you’re hot.
    believe it, woman.

  2. beautifully written. when i was in high school, i drank a ton of protein shakes. i was going through gallons of milk trying to drink all of these shakes. too bad i’m asian and lactose intolerant – can’t drink that much milk. it was bad. never had a protein shake again.
    i like the meat option much better.

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