weight. wait?

see what i did there?

yeah, i amaze myself too.

tomorrow i head into the lab for some tests. nothing serious. i think my doctor said a thyroid, cholesterol and glucose to be exact.

even after 10ish days of protein and adjustments, still nothing. clothes are getting more suffocating and unflattering…and i go out to dinner and order salad with chicken. hold the dressing. so basically, lettuce with a chicken breast.

oh, and a glass of water.

who is this person?


i had a 7 mile tempo run today that i deemed, “hot mess.” but don’t let the title deter you. it was the good “hot mess.” like 2010 britany spears.

cause seriously, people. who doesn’t like a comeback?

back to running. i had a good run, full of hard work, and emotional wellness. i am so fortunate to have the american river trail at my fingertips. or should i say, toetips. i felt like a running snow white…exercising amongst the bunnies and field mice. jasen asked if i was also accompanied by elves too. i had to gently remind him, elves live in trees. make cookies and cobble shoes. dwarfs, however, were unavailable for todays little jaunt.

let’s get back to running. again.

i value running as a spiritual discipline, and i recognize that the tough and challenging runs, are usually when my mind is uneasy or stressed. feeling those feelings today, i decided to let the run take its course, and show me what it had for me.

beauty. that is what it had. in god’s beautiful creation. less than 1.8 miles from my front door.

then i’m like, “wait. weight, what?”

(you see what i did there?)


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