wondering wednesday

today’s wondering (after a full day of thought)…

what inspires us to create?

or shall i say, what inspires us the sustain?

I am a semi-creative person. different than an artist, painter, sculptor, musician…

sometimes i feel like i am a sustainer. a creative sustainer. i believe in sustaining in the present, hoping life won’t quickly pass us by. sustaining through daily tasks. tasting the beautiful. seeing the obvious. loving the tedious.

so today, i chose to sustain my run. embracing 6:15 am and loving the inspiration in nature. so today, i chose to be inspired by nature.

sustaining nature.

also, i was inspired by a song. maybe not a ” creative” song…but a pop song.

yes. a pop song.


I throw my hands up in the air sometimes
Saying AYO!
Gotta let go!
I wanna celebrate and live my life
Saying AYO!
Baby, let’s go!
-Taio Cruz

see. beauty and depth in the most unrecognizable place. and maybe the most obvious. because who doesn’t want to live and celebrate their life?

be creative. be sustained. be inspired.

and say AYO once in awhile.


One thought on “wondering wednesday

  1. Glad I read this before my long run this morning. Getting ready to run on the winding sidewalks of Fort Worth Texas. So today I will be inspired by Texas. And thinking about how cool it is that I get to run in different cities every week. =)

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