wondering wednesday

how early is too early to decorate for halloween?

this seems to be a revolving “conversation” in our household come september 1st. it used to be no big deal, because i was more “decorating for fall” and september always seemed like a good embrace to cooler weather, falling leaves, and back to school. but as i grow older and my pagan instincts set in, i have totally embraced halloween.

{as lighting crashes and a scream screeches forth.}

bring on the bats, jack-o-lanterns, black lace, orange lights and vampires.

good thing they are soooo hot right now.

but no spiders. jasen has boundaries you know.

i was thinking about carving this pumpkin for our 4th annual pumpkin carving party. classy, yes?

the last couple of years i have been buying things as they appear in stores and placing them around my house in early september just to see if “it will look right.”


one day my secret will be found out and the jig is up. But for now, i think i may pull out my bins “just to see” how it will look in september. one could never be too sure, you know.


One thought on “wondering wednesday

  1. Hahaha!!!! Love those pumpkins with the beer cans etc. I dare you. Who cares if your credibility with the neighbors goes on a downward spiral!?!?

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