Not quite.

allergic reactions?


i am allergic to several things.


penicillin. the last time i took penicillin i got the hives. so now when asked about medications i am allergic to, i write penicillin. i wish it were a more convenient name like advil, or one of the acronym based medication like PMS or STD. (neither example being an appropriate example or a medication. but you get the picture.) because penicillin is really hard to spell. so now i’m allergic and stupid.



i am allergic to tomatoes. mentally allergic, but true nonetheless. i get mental hives just thinking of it.


waking up before 8 am.
highly allergic.


bug bites. i assume they are mosquitos. i never just have one bite at a time. oh no. and to make it painfully worse, they are usually centered around my ankles. they do more than leave an itchy bump. they explode my ankles.

they give me cankles.

yup. a tragedy. an itchy, swollen disgusting to look at tragedy.

see for yourself.


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