iphone rules (borrowed, of course)

while i was reading blogs this morning as a continuing distraction from real work, i came across this little beauty on jeremy and kathleen:

The iPhone Rules:
• I will not use my iPhone as a distraction in order to avoid awkward social situations. Like being in an elevator full of strangers. Instead, I will face them head-on, like generations before us, with a small talk and a smile.

• I will not look at my iPhone while have a meal or conversation with someone. This is probably my biggest pet peave in the whole world. It used to kill me when I was iPhone free but since I got mine I’ve noticed myself slipping into this unattractive habit. When I’m choosing to have a meal with someone, I want that person to feel like they are the most important person in the whole world. I want to give them my undivided attention and would like the same in return. And on that note…

• I will not check my iPhone just because someone else is. This behavior is contagious – like a sneeze. One person checks their phone and it becomes a domino effect. Because nobody likes sitting around looking like they have nothing to do while their friends are checking out what everyone else in the world is doing.

• I will not check my email after 6pm. This extends to my laptop as well. Work has been following me into the evenings and I don’t like it. No matter how much that little email icon on my iPhone is haunting me – but I will not check it.

• I will choose reading books or magazines over refreshing my Twitter every 3 seconds. Twitter has become an addiction. I HAVE to know what the 100 people I follow have to say in 140 words or less. The iPhone is an enabler.

• I will not choose playing Angry Birds over getting it on. Again, not just a funny exaggeration. I’m putting an end to this torrid love affair with Angry Birds. In fact, I’m going to ban my iPhone (as sleek and sexy as it is) from hanging out in the bedroom altogether.

i agree.


One thought on “iphone rules (borrowed, of course)

  1. A blessing and a curse I suppose. Funny how people would rather connect with people via the web than in real life. I’ve had that happen to me, and it’s no fun. I think it’s almost made people worse friends. (p.s. I am not talking about you) I love you friend and I miss you.

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