wondering wednesday

do you have any fall traditions?

growing up, i really don’t remember much about celebrating fall. i don’t remember the smells or decor. i don’t remember decorating for halloween. we were a good christian family who believed halloween was the devil’s holiday. and if you were to participate in such said activities, it would be considered a “fall festival.”


now, that i am older and wiser, and can basically do what i want…i embrace halloween. fall truly doesn’t begin no halloween decorations until october 1st in our house (according to jasen.) but in my heart, it begins today, september 22.

i got up this morning to watch the trees blow in the wind. i felt the cool breeze from the open window i forgot to close before going to bed.

it’s fall.

i quickly made my mind that i was to wear boots, and a scarf, because it is fall. as i walked outside i realized i would be warm today. but i don’t care. the boots are staying.

i even stopped in the devil of all places, starbucks, to splurge on my diet for a pumpkin spice soy chai latte (say that three times fast) and a pumpkin scone.

who cares that i had to drive to work with the windows down. and possibly the air on. it is fall now, people!

so here i am, sweating in my boots, dreaming of crisp weather. but then realizing, “wait. is today really the first day of fall? didn’t i read that on facebook? is facebook a credible source for information?!”

but thankfully, it is the first day of fall. i asked the kindergarten teacher and she confirmed. because we all know, kindergarten teachers know all that useless important information for certain.


here are few of my must haves for fall:

a trip to apple hill. here is the recap of what we did last year. must haves: apple fritter, apple cider and pumpkin picking! (make sure to strap them in, it’s dangerous out there!)

spiced pumpkin mix from williams sonoma. it’s a tad pricy, but so delicious. trader joe’s has a great alternative with their pumpkin and waffle mix.

scarves. yes, scarves.

like my modely pose? yes, very artistic.

and what would be fall without halloween decor and an annual pumpkin carving event?

here are things i can think of now, but i will be sure to update with more halloween styling and fall favorites.

now, go sweat in your boots.


3 thoughts on “wondering wednesday

  1. What am I looking forward to?
    I’ll have to give it more thought.
    Growing up we also were banned from the Devil’s holiday.
    And now, it’s time to build some traditions of our own (sorry, dad)
    Thanks for yet another amazing wonder. 🙂

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