wondering wednesday

what’s up with these bloggy thingies?

{image from hiphopvoterproject.blogspot.com}

blog ::
a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site

i am no stranger to the blog. shocking, i know. actually, i have been blogging since september 3, 2004. you can read my first entry, here.

which reminds me, i just celebrated a blogaversary.

see, that’s what bloggy people do. make up words because it is the internet. and the basic usage of modern grammar or vocabulary does not need to apply.

{thank God}

in my quest through the blogosphere…i have developed a very serious question.

who in the world reads these things?

it is kinda creepy, really.

but, the cycle continues…people write, people read.

well, very few read this blog. but that is ok. i am not sure i would like the pressure of being nominated for a bloggy or whatever it is they are calling it these days. it is a crazy, incestuous community these bloggers have, i tell you.

but, obviously i am doing something wrong, by being myself, because in 6 years, i have generated an average of about 12 followers a day. (it may be slightly more than that, but a true blogger never reveals her hits.)

Actually, i am sure they do. then have a party to celebrate how awesome they are.

because, i am sure they are awesome.

After building a pretty hefty blogroll, i wonder if i should choose the route to bash celebrities and draw funny words or designs on their pictures, like perez hilton. or write a tutorial about how to make something amazing out of an empty trisket box and a bottle of liquid nails.

or maybe i need to buy an expensive camera and learn how to take fancy photographs of how my mantle is decorated every month.

or i should find a bunch of really great ideas and pictures of what other people are doing and blog about that. that one is kind of obnoxious, really. just because you went and found these ideas on the internet and deemed them awesome, we should believe you?


well, regardless of how many or few…i appreciate those who have stuck with me. i try to be interesting, and always try to be myself.

so, ah thank you.


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