wondering wednesday

well, today i have two things on my mind, but one can wait until i am feeling, well let’s just say, less passionate about it.

so for today, i wonder…isn’t it a really big deal to run 26.2 miles all at once?

EEK! yes, it is!

this sunday, october 10th (10.10.10) i will be running in the chicago marathon with 35,000 of my closest friends.

pretty crazy. pretty exciting. pretty awesome.

if have heard (and cannot prove) that less than 1% of the WORLD’S population has run a marathon.

pretty unbelievable, right?

i may not lose any weight or run any faster but i can say i am apart of the 1%.

twice, actually.
toot toot. (that would be my own horn.)

however, such an amazing accomplishment comes with some setbacks:

the smell, taste and thought of oatmeal has been giving me a reflux reaction. last week, someone mentioned oatmeal and i thought i would heave. power for the course i guess. but not power for my stomach, because the thought of it is making me sick.

i forget what a saturday morning feels like. sleeping in, making breakfast, watching dvr. not running for 3+ hours.

i am pretty sure one of my toes (at the nail) is permanently blue. no, not purple, blue.

i am tired of justin bieber. (i know, right?!)

i owe 1 million apologies to my husband, family and friends for all the things i had to skip out on or leave early from these last 16 weeks. this training business is not for the week of heart.

or legs.

or lungs.

or time.

if you have nothing better to do, you can sign up to track me as i run at: textinterface.com. You will need the following information:

Bib #: 43944

also…i have found out that 10.10.10 has become a community run day. so many people are running on this day all over the place! I have a few parents from my school running the portland marathon, my amazing friend nikki is running her first half marathon too!

so, stop debating it. get up. get out and do it. i promise you, you can.

unless the doctor says no.

but, i still think you should get a second opinion.


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