Halloween 2010

ok. here are the long awaited spooky house photos of 2010. mind you, i took all of these pictures with my handy-dandy cell phone. they look awesome on my phone screen, but not so much on the computer. ah, well…maybe by 2011 i will have my act together and have some high quality photos to share.

one could dream…

anyhow, here are the pictures…i will let (most of) them speak for themselves.

this is a picture of our house right before sunset on halloween. i don’t know if you can see the broom next to our front door, but let me tell you…what a good investment! i bought it at trader joe’s for $3.99 and it smells of delicious cinnamon.

here are a few pictures of our living room. i found a few new discounted items this year…and i am already dreaming up of new ideas for next year. i need to remember to write it down so i don’t forget.

i always forget.

i looked everywhere for that eyepatch. EVERYWHERE. you know where i found it? at a little store in chinatown, san francisco.

of course i did.

have i shown you our shutter wall? it’s coming along nicely.

i have to say, i didn’t stage this shot. i swear to it. i actually was just pulling pumpkin seeds out of the oven when i decided to take pictures. i even thought about moving it so it didn’t look staged. the i would have staged it to look unstaged.
who would even think about that but me?
i saw a blog post where someone used the 3 and 1 to make a tablescape. of course i didn’t think of that.
here is the picture from twigandthistle.com

sigh. maybe someday my photos will look just as lovely.

here is the new addition to our home…the chalkboard wall. it took me 2 hours just to paint that little rectangle. i should have taken a picture of the edge work…amazing.
maybe as time progresses and more and more artistic people make their way to our house…we will see creativity unfold. however, i do know what you are thinking. and yes, i am available for custom murals.

we had our annual pumpkin carving event this weekend and i forgot to take pictures.

rookie mistake.

however, jasen did grab a couple (with his phone of course) pictures of the owl cupcakes i made…i am sad i didn’t get more. ah, oh well.

here is where you can find the recipe for these “almost vegan” cupcakes. i call it that because i used milk. milk is bad, right vegans?

can i get a no moo?

this was our halloween dinner. ground turkey and peppers mummy bread.

to die for. get it? ha! see what i did there?

happy halloween 2010! until next year!


5 thoughts on “Halloween 2010

  1. Your house looks so cool! I’m so impressed by all you guys have done…and the decorations–AHHHMAZING! I really need to take lessons from you. And I so want to come back and stay in your house cause it looks oh so cozy! Miss you and love you friend!

    P.S. I might have seen a little hint of some artwork on a yellow wall…dying to see it all up.

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