just a coincidence?

okay, do you watch design star? like this last one?

well i did. and let me tell you something. the right person (in my opinion) won!

how often does that happen?

anyway…you may be thinking, “wait…wasn’t that like 3 months ago?” and i say “yes, it was.”

but, here’s the thing.

emily henderson (the winner of design star) is an adorable blogger.

see for yourself:

{image from cindydole.squarespace.com}

her blog, stylebyemilyhenderson.com has a feature called flea market mondays.

today’s feature is found here. and you want to know something crazy? i would buy everything she posted in her pictures.

and that isn’t the only time. remember this post? well, if your clicker finger is feeling lazy, here is the gist…

emily designed this amazing room. if i lived in a glass house i would want it designed like this one.

{image from apinacolada.blogspot.com}

and in my glass house i would be sure to never throw stones.


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