it’s all mad, mad i tell you.

i have been swamped.

like literally, swamped. where has the time gone?


good gravy.

i am sad that the favorite parts of my year are swallowed up with a long to-do list. but, i guess it keeps life interesting.

yes, definitely interesting.

leading up to these recent months i trained for the chicago marathon. which, incidently, i never recapped here.

ay dios mios.

on october 8-12 we left for chicago and the marathon.

it was a good time. i will recap.


on october 13-26th i began the long and grueling process of averaging grades for report cards.

on october 27-28 we took the fourth grade on an overnight trip to monterey and carmel.

on october 29th we had a halloween party. (which of course, i forgot to take pictures at.)

on october 30-31 i wrote report cards.

on november 1-3 i prepared myself for parent-teacher conferences. and took down all the halloween decorations in preparation for the fall decor.

on the 3rd was jasen’s 30th birthday. he worked. i worked. we ended up at buffalo wild wings at 10 PM.


on november 4-5 i had parent-teacher conferences. on that thursday, i had 13 conferences.

after conferences on friday we got ready for jasen’s mad men mixer. what a super fun party.

it was a good time. i will recap.


in mid november, we were able to use a house in pebble beach for a little getaway for jasen’s birthday, and here we are today. after a friend’s thanksgiving and a midnight showing of harry potter, of course.

now we are getting ready for thanksgiving. and december. and christmas.

and every year i say to myself…don’t let yourself get so busy.

enjoy the trees. the crisp air. go for a run.

but, we do live life with some amazing people. and if they keep me busy, i am sure there are worse things to complain about.


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