wondering wednesday

have you heard about kauzbots?

in keeping with the theme of giving for another reason this season, i would providing an incrediable disservice to you if i forget to mention these adorable dolls for a cause kauz.

back in may 2009 i wrote a post about them here at krazy for kauzbots.

we have a few friends involved with this amazing idea to help create awareness for certain non profits and organizations by designing these adorable robots with a message.

What if… we produced toys and apparel that bring joy through the product itself and how they are sold?
What if… we used a portion of the sales price to provide funding to non-profits focused on social issues?
What if… we modeled behavior so simple a kid could follow, yet so profound an adult would want to?
What if… we did it through adorable little stuffed plush toy robots that each focused on a cause?
What if… we called them Kauzbots and gave them a heart?

right now there are 10 different robots with 10 different messages:

Homeless Moms & Their Children :: Hearts of Gold
Clean Drinking Water :: Lifewater International
Environment/Trees :: Arbor Day Foundation
Autism :: Talk About Curing Autism
Refugee Relief :: International Rescue Committee
Pediatric End of Life Care ::George Mark Children’s House
Pediatric Oral Health :: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation
Breast Cancer :: Breast Cancer Network of Strength
World Hunger and Poverty :: Share Our Strength :: No Kid Hungry

We believe in the power of people of all ages to make a positive impact. We communicate national and global needs with tangible next steps. We inspire ordinary people to make an extraordinary difference. We partner with quality non-profits and stores to incite action. We are always asking “how can we help”.

KAUZBOTS are plush toy robots with a heart for changing the world, one cause at a time. There are 10 different handcrafted, colorful and lovable Kauzbots robots, each 18″ tall. 10% of the retail price is donated to a non-profit focused on a cause close to each robots heart.

does it help that they are completely adorable?


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