oh, baby?

we are finding out that having a baby requires answering a lot of questions. and usually, when you answer a question, there are several more questions related to such answered question.

but, before you answer each question, you need to have conversation with your spouse about the back ground about the question(s).

make sense?

we are trying to make educated decisions about our “questions.” we have decided we want to choose products and services which have a low impact on the environment. we also decided it was best to be good stewards of our money. which unfortunately, doesn’t seem to go hand-in-hand with protecting the environment.

so, like any normal person, i have decided to forgo the question answering to the last minute and online shop instead. here is what is on my wish list so far:

oeuf sparrow crib

{image taken from oeufnyc.com}

unless some one generously wanted to purchase this for us, i would have a hard time shelling out the money to purchase it ourselves. so instead, i have been stalking craigslist everyday to find it at a bargain price.

no luck so far.

bum genius cloth diapers

{image taken from bumGenius.com}

beckey from hippobrigade.com wrote an article about this product. and for the life of me, i can’t seem to find the article. but, it included enough information for me to feel persuaded to think about cloth diapers.

that one is still in the air. but the idea of it, does sound magical. not poop. cleaning poop does not sound magical. but you know, positive effects on the environment, yada, yada, yada.

and a bonus, i found tidee didee (yes, i just said that), a local diaper service in sacramento if need be.

hopefully we won’t have such said problems, and the baby will arrive with potty training skills.

one could hope.

{image found on tidee didee’s webstite }

sticky bellies

(actually, i already bought this one.)

after reading mama manifesto’s sunday giveaway, i could resist.

12 removable Sticky Bellies milestone stickers for your baby’s first year (1-12 months.) Appropriately named “Sew Cute,” the stickers appear to be sewn-on appliques when stuck on your baby’s onesie or t-shirt. The “Sew Cute” Sticky Bellies are adorable for boys or girls and make a great gift for a new mom or mom-to-be!

Printed in the U.S.A.

this picture makes me want to die from cuteness. but, i will be strong. and will not die. because i must live to steal duplicate this picture with my own lil diz upon arrival.

{image taken from stickybellies.com}

FRENCH Nature Themed Alphabet Poster

{image from artandphilanthropy}

i read this funny, and equally crass blog called pregnant chicken, and saw this adorable etsy shop. at first glance, i was confused that the letters and the pictures didn’t match up…until i read it was in FRENCH…i think i spent like 10 minutes ailing over it.

low VOC paint in dove

{image from serenaandlily.com

i just love serena and lily everything. being that i can not afford anything, one is forced to be a dreamer. but, the low VOC paint in that beautiful shade of gray, maybe worth the expense. and being a big gossip girl fan, i think the title to the site is equally funny as i do expensive.

whimiscal wallpapers

ugh, sigh, gasp. i love love wallpaper. people spend a lot of money pulling it down while i put it up. why should a baby’s room be no different?

i don’t know which is my favorite…

little whales by pottok

mavis monkey by bholu

woods wallpapers by cole and son {image by duc duc}

i think i may just want the last room pictured and call it good.

as you can see, i’ve been busy. maybe not busy with answering questions, but busy spending mental money. because we all know, mental money is the best kind to spend.


Haiti Benefit

Please mark your calendars, but more than that, please ATTEND our 2nd annual Hope for Haiti Benefit and Handmade Market on Friday, February 4th at 7 PM.

The cost if FREE. you can afford that, right?

My friend Claire says it best on her blog.

yes, my scarves extrodonare will be featured…and i do have some new additions for your buying pleasure…

all procedes will be donated to Help End Local Poverty (HELP).

wondering wednesday

do you ever feel cyber frustrated?

i do. i think social media is to blame.

just my opinion.

but seriously, why wouldn’t it? i do not know what i would do if i was 16 again living in 2011. where you can feel inferior because so-and-so has 1,347 friends on facebook and you have 67. (however, my future self would not choose to have 1,347 friends on facebook. all those status updates? no thanks.) but, 16 year old self doesn’t see it that way. it is all about you have more and i have less, so that makes me feel inferior.

or, let’s blame twitter. i follow you, but you don’t follow me. is that offensive?

or, let’s get to the heart of the matter, blogging. i think blogging is my current self’s downfall. i read these blogs were people post other people’s pictures, deem them worthy enough to be considered “cool” to them, and have 500,000 followers. or, they talk about mom stuff.

basically, if i rip off other people’s pictures and posts and talk about “mom” stuff, i should be ok?

humph. i guess i will try that.

can’t hurt.

PS i want to thank those 7 people who took the time to write a comment last week. i thought i would have 23 people reading this blog, but 7 works too.

and that is heartfelt. passive aggressive is so 2010.

joining in, because i am curious.

i read a lot of blogs. more than i should, really.

people are crazy dazy committed i tell you. i truly am amazed on how they find the time to keep up with it all. or maybe, my life is really that dull.

definitely a possibility.

today i read from several viable sources, kristen AND jamie, that today is some sort of blog importance day.

because i blog, (occasionally) i decided to give it a whirl. the basis for this day, “delurking day” as it is deemed, is for those people who read your blog to actually leave a comment and let you know they are reading it.

so, people, i should see 23 comments here today.

2010 running recap

well, it has been an another exciting year for running. last year, i ending my recap with 2010 providing time for my weary legs. and i did. promise.

jasen embarked on his first half marathon this year. he loved hated it so much he did another one 3ish weeks later.

in june i ran the nike women’s 5k in downtown sacramento. but i did it alone, so i have no fun pictures to document. i need to get better at documenting race pictures. shall we call it a new year’s resolution?

i did decide to run the chicago marathon on 10.10.10. that was kinda fun.

and hot.

in november we ran a 5k as a family in north carolina. it was a teeny tiny race. but we all had a good time. jasen’s mom and dad did amazing for their first 5k!

in december we ran the cim marathon in sacramento. we did it in a relay, with 4 people taking a section. i ran leg 2 (about 7.6 miles) and jasen ran leg 4 (about 5.5 miles.) We realized you got the benefit of participating in a marathon without all the training. i would definitely do it again.

for the past 2 years i have ran over 1,000 miles each year. In 2010, i came close, but decided in november i was going to let it “be what it should be.” so, i didn’t give myself a crazy run to 1,000 miles schedule, and i even took 2-3 days off in a row.

i’m still surprised about that one.

now, the final numbers are in, and for this year i recorded:

a goal i did set, and accomplished, was reaching the “black” level in nike plus.

happy running in 2011!

wondering wednesday

do you have someone who inspires you?

i am fortunate to have many people in my life who are inspiring.

like, ugh. what are you up to again?

flipping through the blogs this morning i came across a post from my dear friend nikki. she has be blogging about her journey through weight loss and living a healthy life style. she is an amazing chef and she shares recipes she creates (or borrows) while maintaining taste, flavor and nutrition. she recently has been dabbling in the art of cooking/eating vegan. i know, i know, it sounds crazy to me too, but she really has some amazing ideas and recipes. now, if only she would give up the idea of living in the Philippines so she can move to sacramento and become our personal chef. then, i will become vegan. well, veganish.

if you are really in need of some inspiration today, or any day, please check out her blog at a revolution of self.

you won’t be sorry you did.

just don’t let her talk you into the turbo fire workout.

now, that is crazy.