wondering wednesday

do you have someone who inspires you?

i am fortunate to have many people in my life who are inspiring.

like, ugh. what are you up to again?

flipping through the blogs this morning i came across a post from my dear friend nikki. she has be blogging about her journey through weight loss and living a healthy life style. she is an amazing chef and she shares recipes she creates (or borrows) while maintaining taste, flavor and nutrition. she recently has been dabbling in the art of cooking/eating vegan. i know, i know, it sounds crazy to me too, but she really has some amazing ideas and recipes. now, if only she would give up the idea of living in the Philippines so she can move to sacramento and become our personal chef. then, i will become vegan. well, veganish.

if you are really in need of some inspiration today, or any day, please check out her blog at a revolution of self.

you won’t be sorry you did.

just don’t let her talk you into the turbo fire workout.

now, that is crazy.


One thought on “wondering wednesday

  1. Awe thanks Amanda! You made my day. I just love how community works, because if you look down a few posts on my page, you’ll see how it was you and Jasen that inspired me to get my butt in gear in the first place! You are a running machine, and you always encourage me that I can do whatever I set out to do. Thanks for being an inspiration to me! I love ya friend. Man I’m gettin all teary eyed now…

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