2010 running recap

well, it has been an another exciting year for running. last year, i ending my recap with 2010 providing time for my weary legs. and i did. promise.

jasen embarked on his first half marathon this year. he loved hated it so much he did another one 3ish weeks later.

in june i ran the nike women’s 5k in downtown sacramento. but i did it alone, so i have no fun pictures to document. i need to get better at documenting race pictures. shall we call it a new year’s resolution?

i did decide to run the chicago marathon on 10.10.10. that was kinda fun.

and hot.

in november we ran a 5k as a family in north carolina. it was a teeny tiny race. but we all had a good time. jasen’s mom and dad did amazing for their first 5k!

in december we ran the cim marathon in sacramento. we did it in a relay, with 4 people taking a section. i ran leg 2 (about 7.6 miles) and jasen ran leg 4 (about 5.5 miles.) We realized you got the benefit of participating in a marathon without all the training. i would definitely do it again.

for the past 2 years i have ran over 1,000 miles each year. In 2010, i came close, but decided in november i was going to let it “be what it should be.” so, i didn’t give myself a crazy run to 1,000 miles schedule, and i even took 2-3 days off in a row.

i’m still surprised about that one.

now, the final numbers are in, and for this year i recorded:

a goal i did set, and accomplished, was reaching the “black” level in nike plus.

happy running in 2011!


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