wondering wednesday

do you ever feel cyber frustrated?

i do. i think social media is to blame.

just my opinion.

but seriously, why wouldn’t it? i do not know what i would do if i was 16 again living in 2011. where you can feel inferior because so-and-so has 1,347 friends on facebook and you have 67. (however, my future self would not choose to have 1,347 friends on facebook. all those status updates? no thanks.) but, 16 year old self doesn’t see it that way. it is all about you have more and i have less, so that makes me feel inferior.

or, let’s blame twitter. i follow you, but you don’t follow me. is that offensive?

or, let’s get to the heart of the matter, blogging. i think blogging is my current self’s downfall. i read these blogs were people post other people’s pictures, deem them worthy enough to be considered “cool” to them, and have 500,000 followers. or, they talk about mom stuff.

basically, if i rip off other people’s pictures and posts and talk about “mom” stuff, i should be ok?

humph. i guess i will try that.

can’t hurt.

PS i want to thank those 7 people who took the time to write a comment last week. i thought i would have 23 people reading this blog, but 7 works too.

and that is heartfelt. passive aggressive is so 2010.


3 thoughts on “wondering wednesday

  1. I have a to come clean. I read your blog and you do amazing job in blogging. So you can count me in your 23 people reading your blog. I read lots of blogs too, I think many people are trying to act cool or almost write their blogs like a fiction/non fiction story to get hits on their blogs to make money. I’m amazed how many of the women are stay at home moms and are making money from blogging. So the more hits equals more cash. Sometimes I also wonder if everything they write is actually true? Makes you wonder? What is there actually purpose behind their blog?

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