41 orchard

reading blogs this morning, i stumbled on a post from my owl barn.

an australian based company called 41orchard.com has the most adorable sticker decals for your walls. definitely cheaper than wallpaper, but still cute, cute, cute.

i really love owls, but i am not sure i want to embrace it fully in a nursery. these stickers give me the opportunity to have it both ways.

{image found here}

or i can go the numbers and letters route:

{image found here}

{image found here}

or their adorable trees

{image found here}

or dinos

{image found here}

i could or and or for hours, but i’ll save you the fun to check out all the so-cute-your-eyes-can’t-stand-it stickers for yourself.


OH! before i forget a friend of a friend is selling these adorable paintings. I think they are so beautiful. she is selling the set (all 3!) for $50. let me know if you are interested and i can put you in touch with her.


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