18 weeks 3 days.

this maybe a little back logged. i am now 18 weeks and 6 days, but i look exactly the same.

mostly. maybe minus a few zits and a mustard stain.

people have been asking about “bump” photos…and i have been ignoring the requests. first, i don’t like pictures of myself. second, it is still weird (even though i am pregnant) for someone to ask for a picture of your body.

it’s weird. but, i will try to oblige…and realize it is not all about me.

wait, what did i just say? i mean, YES, jasen, it IS all about me!

so, here you go. enjoy. weep if you need too. and make sure to thank my husband who had to endure the pain and suffering for taking said photos.


2 thoughts on “18 weeks 3 days.

  1. Amanda you and baby are beautiful, nay, gorgeous! Love the pics, thanks! Your family far away appreciates it :).

    love Becky, Thor & Meri

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