wondering wednesday :: pregnancy must-haves

do you have any pregnancy must-haves?

no. seriously, i want to know.

in the meantime, i have come up with a few must-have items i would like to share with all you preggo and future preggos out there. i guess they aren’t “must-haves” per say, but more like, “wow…life is sure better becuase i do haves.”

1. be band

i am too cheap to by the name brand, bella band. however, i don’t know why you would need to, unless you really needed an aqua colored one. and if you did, i wouldn’t judge you. aqua’s cool.

i really, really, really love this band. i have been about to sausage my way into my casing pants for a really long time.

2. simply one prenatal vitamins

i am sure there are a million different types of prenatal vitamins to choose from. i spoke with a lady at one of our local health food stores and she recommend this brand to me. they are horse-sized pills, which could easily be broken down to 3 square meals a day. i can also buy them at whole foods, and the coffee lady said she used them too. and i value her opinion.

3. starbucks vanilla roobios tea latte

nonfat, of course. i still get the pleasure of a treat, with zero caffeine.
that’s nice.

4. asos maternity

while seraching on babble.com, i found this UK based website. you can read their Ethical Code of Conduct on their site. if you are into that stuff.


crazy. right?

5. him

but, he’s my must have. you’ll need to get your own.


3 thoughts on “wondering wednesday :: pregnancy must-haves

  1. I don’t know if they still have it, but at Motherhood Maternity I bought this blue gel stuff. OH MY WORD!! It was my saving grace… I had so much back and hip pain with Hannah, and it is kind of like IcyHot, but natural and for pregnancy. You massage it in, and something in it helps you sleep (lavendar or something) and the icy-hot stuff just helps ease that deep bone/ muscle pain. You might not have that pain since you are a running/ exercising pregnant lady (NICE!), but for me I thought I was going to break into pieces, and that gel REALLY helped. I bought bunches of it for other pregnant friends too, but it’s been a while so I’m not sure if they still have it.
    With Hannah when I got towards the end I COULD NOT sleep, so a body pillow helped. Oliver was a smaller baby and I pretty much lay how I liked, but Hannah was my 9lbs2oz baby and I was so uncomfortable.
    All that pain and suffering – haha! Not really, but those were things that really seemed to help at the time.

  2. I loved the Be Band, too! I had a black one and a white one…used them pretty much the entire pregnancy and loved still being able to wear my favorite jeans and capris with my cute maternity tops!

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