baby room inspiration

we are realizing that having a baby can be overwhelming.

there are a lot of choices out there. and with technology today, you can view rooms or products and read a review about cloth diapers all in a matter of minutes.

jasen and i went to a JBF sale last week. to sum it up, overwhelming.

have i mentioned, overwhelming?

the JBF event is basically a co-op of sorts for everything you could think about for babies, toddlers and kids. there were racks and racks and racks of clothing.

i mean racks of clothing.

so, we ended up with a pair of cute little shoes and a “tummy time” mat.

easy enough. after 30 minutes of hyperventilating looking, we called it “good.”

but, in all the decisions and lists of what you need vs. what you don’t need vs. what you don’t need but think is awesome, i have come up with an inspiration.


left my art in san francisco by land of nod.

pink and lace and everything “girl” isn’t really us, so this seemed like an amazing compromise.

but, if baby girl girl ashdown turns out to love pink, ruffles, lace, sugar, spice and everything nice, we will be happy to oblige.

who’s ready to paint?

no, seriously…who’s available?


3 thoughts on “baby room inspiration

  1. Loving all this cute stuff you’re picking out! Makes me so excited for you guys. And also…you will have to store up all of this information to pass on to me someday! =)

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