wondering wednesday :: preggo pics

i know people mean well. i really know they mean well…but i have to wonder…why do i feel so weird taking pictures of my belly and post for the world to see?

i don’t know why…but it feels weird. maybe because i have never felt like i had a body worthy of picture taking, or that i hate every picture i am in. let me lay it out for you, i mostly look “bigger” and not necessarily pregnant. that is how i feel, anyway.

to get people off my back for the greater good of humanity, here are the newest pictures of me at 24 weeks:

not to be forgotten, here are some other pictures from our 24 week trip to pismo beach:

i also saw this adorable, and kinda creepy, wreath made out of tiny toms shoes. i plan to borrow this idea for something adorable in the future. however, i did realize a wreath made out of tiny toms shoes would cost like $300 to make. so humph. let me keep thinking on that one.


2 thoughts on “wondering wednesday :: preggo pics

  1. Amanda, that shoe wreath gave me an idea. During the winter months wouldn’t it be cute to make a wreath made from wool baby mittens? Little ity bity tiny fuzzy wool mittens; you could spend a year finding them at flea markets and Good Will stores and / or your friends across the country. Or if you know someone who knits, that would be amazing! Hmmm, Auntie Gabrielle knits! 🙂

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