wondering wednesday :: (can’t blame it on the) baby weight

why are we so obsessed about weight?

hold on, why am i so obsessed about weight?

last night i woke up from a dream about a doctor’s appointment i would be having the next day. in it, i felt my anxiety rise as i knew i would be asked to step on the scale.

why does it even matter? i am not sure it does. right? right?!

but, it does matter.

we have been training for a half marathon that we will run this weekend. it has been a great way to help me keep my exercise in check and also help manage the “extra bulge”. but, it always comes down to eating with me. i just love, love, love to eat. especially naughty things.


exhibit a:

this would be a bar of swiss imported chocolate. my darling friend always brings me back some delicious treats when she makes a visit to her homeland. however, she fails to realize that i have no self control. none. zip. zero.

on monday, i pulled out a bar to have a couple of squares for a “treat”. when i looked down, it was gone.

like that. i ate a whole bar of swiss chocolate in one sitting. a.whole.bar.in.one.sitting.

you can’t blame that on a baby.

that was all me.

so, i had that recent “accomplishment” looming in my nightmares along with doctors, nurses, scales and weight gain.

come to find out, on my 28 week check up…i am right on target for weight gain. however, as suggested, i should refrain from ingesting 100 grams of chocolate in one sitting.

ah, who am i kidding?


online registry

happy good Friday to you all!

I have so much to do to get ready for this busy weekend. but, i am busying myself with other things of course.

so in the spirit of all things procrastination, let me tell you about our online registry.

i know! so 2011, right?

one day, best baby registry ev-ah came up in my blog reader from pregnant chicken. i was intrigued. i have tried to establish a registry here or there, but never really thought of any particular store as “us”. then, i read of this registry where i can put anything we need (but mostly want) all in one handy location.

i know! amazing!

pregnant chicken states:

It’s a baby registry that allows you to register for exactly what you want from anywhere online. All you have to do is install the browser button and as you come across something you like the look of, just click and it’s added to your list.

registering seems so strange anyway. “hi, yes, we are asking for a $1,234 crib. what of it?”

nah, we are not asking for a $1,234 crib.

well, not yet anyway.

but, you can find what we registered for at babyli.st/baby-ashdowns-registry. i will even place it on the sidebar of this blog for future reference.

because honestly, how would you know to get us these?

{mustard two button booties}

or this:

{Skip Hop – Treetop Friends Activity Gym}

and of course…

{hooter soothers}

as miley cyrus would say, “it’s pretty cool”. (well, maybe not about the hooter soothers. that would be kind of weird. and tad inappropriate.)

crack houses

today i overhead the following conversation at school:

student 1: “my aunt has been looking for a house, but all she can find are “crack” houses.

me: let’s try and keep our conversations appropriate with each other.

student 1 (confused): “crack” house? what is wrong with that?

me: well, “crack” houses are not appropriate conversations for school.

student 2 (in a hushed whisper): i have heard about crack houses. people have other people come in to look at the houses and there are huge cracks in the floor and walls. you really shouldn’t buy those houses.

NAUGHTY for continuing the conversation after being asked not to.
INFORMATIVE information for those who may not know about “crack” houses.

baby room update.

things are coming together…slowly but surely. usually i pride myself in getting it done and over with, but this is something that I felt I should take my time working through. because, will the baby even know what is done and not done?

well, being my daughter…probably. but being jasen’s daughter, she won’t care in the slightest.

let’s just hope she is more like him.

jasen’s family is coming in town this saturday and have offered to paint the room. i think i may have shown the color to you here, but here is the color again:

{Benjamin Moore’s Robin Nest}

we (we meaning I) have decided to take off the door of the closet to open up more space to the little room. instead of painting the inside, we are going to wallpaper it. by we, i mean jasen’s mom, who is so amazingly talented at that type of stuff. the problem i am finding with wallpaper, is that it is really expensive. and the paper that is not expensive? really, really cheesy.

who am i kidding? even the cheesy stuff is expensive.

after an intense internet search, i found a helpful website called York Wall Coverings, and searched by “yellow”.

I called Pryde’s Paint and Paper, a local paint and paper store near my house to find out pricing and which selections they had available to order. I also found out that the store sold the paper cheaper than York Wall’s website. Plus, they were having a sale of an additional 20% discount. I didn’t end up going with my first choice, but rather the less expensive one. also, it was the only paper from my list which was prepasted. so, not only was it the less expensive of the bunch, but should be less work in the end. BONUS!

{yorkwall.com :: Ironwork Damask FN3663}

west elm was also offering a 10% off of purchases this weekend. i had stashed away a few gift cards which came in handy for our next purchase.

{ The West Elm Andalusia Rug}

that is all i have now, but i feel we are in a pretty good place. we have moved a few things around at our house in order to combine a guest room and office. for some reason i thought it would all fit in one room, but alas, it did not. we ended up moving our big yellow credenza into the living room as a tv stand. now, the credenza and antique “dvd” cabinet clash in comparison. we decided we will move the antique cabinet in the baby room as additional storage. it should look lovely with all the other pops of yellowish/gold.

maybe next time i will have more “finished” pictures to show you. however, just having some decisions made seems “finished” enough for now~

baby’s room :: paint color

making decisions are hard. and really, these aren’t even “important” decisions. but, alas, decisions will need to be made.

so, first up…

paint color.

below is what we have now in our old office space. i was orginially going with a greyish blue, but it turned out to be a blueish blue. but, it worked for what it was.

ho hum.

but, we have decided a paint color for the baby’s room.

enter, benjamin moore’s robin’s nest.

also, a new addition:

this is the woodland parade. you can find more adorable art at her etsy store.