baby room update.

things are coming together…slowly but surely. usually i pride myself in getting it done and over with, but this is something that I felt I should take my time working through. because, will the baby even know what is done and not done?

well, being my daughter…probably. but being jasen’s daughter, she won’t care in the slightest.

let’s just hope she is more like him.

jasen’s family is coming in town this saturday and have offered to paint the room. i think i may have shown the color to you here, but here is the color again:

{Benjamin Moore’s Robin Nest}

we (we meaning I) have decided to take off the door of the closet to open up more space to the little room. instead of painting the inside, we are going to wallpaper it. by we, i mean jasen’s mom, who is so amazingly talented at that type of stuff. the problem i am finding with wallpaper, is that it is really expensive. and the paper that is not expensive? really, really cheesy.

who am i kidding? even the cheesy stuff is expensive.

after an intense internet search, i found a helpful website called York Wall Coverings, and searched by “yellow”.

I called Pryde’s Paint and Paper, a local paint and paper store near my house to find out pricing and which selections they had available to order. I also found out that the store sold the paper cheaper than York Wall’s website. Plus, they were having a sale of an additional 20% discount. I didn’t end up going with my first choice, but rather the less expensive one. also, it was the only paper from my list which was prepasted. so, not only was it the less expensive of the bunch, but should be less work in the end. BONUS!

{ :: Ironwork Damask FN3663}

west elm was also offering a 10% off of purchases this weekend. i had stashed away a few gift cards which came in handy for our next purchase.

{ The West Elm Andalusia Rug}

that is all i have now, but i feel we are in a pretty good place. we have moved a few things around at our house in order to combine a guest room and office. for some reason i thought it would all fit in one room, but alas, it did not. we ended up moving our big yellow credenza into the living room as a tv stand. now, the credenza and antique “dvd” cabinet clash in comparison. we decided we will move the antique cabinet in the baby room as additional storage. it should look lovely with all the other pops of yellowish/gold.

maybe next time i will have more “finished” pictures to show you. however, just having some decisions made seems “finished” enough for now~


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