wondering wednesday :: (can’t blame it on the) baby weight

why are we so obsessed about weight?

hold on, why am i so obsessed about weight?

last night i woke up from a dream about a doctor’s appointment i would be having the next day. in it, i felt my anxiety rise as i knew i would be asked to step on the scale.

why does it even matter? i am not sure it does. right? right?!

but, it does matter.

we have been training for a half marathon that we will run this weekend. it has been a great way to help me keep my exercise in check and also help manage the “extra bulge”. but, it always comes down to eating with me. i just love, love, love to eat. especially naughty things.


exhibit a:

this would be a bar of swiss imported chocolate. my darling friend always brings me back some delicious treats when she makes a visit to her homeland. however, she fails to realize that i have no self control. none. zip. zero.

on monday, i pulled out a bar to have a couple of squares for a “treat”. when i looked down, it was gone.

like that. i ate a whole bar of swiss chocolate in one sitting. a.whole.bar.in.one.sitting.

you can’t blame that on a baby.

that was all me.

so, i had that recent “accomplishment” looming in my nightmares along with doctors, nurses, scales and weight gain.

come to find out, on my 28 week check up…i am right on target for weight gain. however, as suggested, i should refrain from ingesting 100 grams of chocolate in one sitting.

ah, who am i kidding?


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