7th half marathon at 7 months.

man, i am so blogging behind. i blame it on work, on laziness, and this nasty “upper respiratory infection” i have been battling. oh, and OPEN HOUSE was this week. you know, like the biggest school night of the year.

good thing i have become more “laid back” in this pregnancy, other wise i would be going mad.

can i just tell you that we started painting our baby’s room 3 WEEKS AGO, and it is still not finished. there are tarps, paint buckets, ladders, switchblades, brushes and masks strewn about. for 3 WEEKS. ah, forget about it.

so, all that to say, if i can’t even finish up a project in my house, how am i expected to write a blog post about a half marathon?

right? RIGHT?!

anyway…for anyone who cares…here is my recap of my 7th half marathon at 7 months pregnant on April 30th. (with some help from my friend, nikki.)

we had a great training. we trained for 8 weeks and it went pretty well. we took it easy and ran smart. meaning, i walked sometimes. =)

our friend nikki came in town to run the race with us, so it was a whole family affair!

here we are at fleet feet, picking up our race packets. recently, it seems like in every picture i am in, i am sporting a double chin. here, surprisingly, i am not. please do not pay any attention to the crazy neck muscles i have going on. it counteracts the double chin.

hey, you can’t win them all.

the starting line was less than 2 miles from our house, and since they had so many problems last year, we decided to walk.

we lined up and waited for the start. we knew nikki would far out run us, and jasen was so kind to stick with the slow pregnant lady. we had a really great race. nikki was so savy to try and take a picture of us while we running (and before she left us in the dust).

not only did we take pictures during the run, i also chatted it up with a couple running the race pushing a BOB stroller. i told them we were in the market for a running stroller and they gave me the pros and cons. you know, what you usually chat about while running a half marathon. then the wife told me she ran the race last year at 8 months pregnant.

show off.

i would like to say the race was uneventful, but i cannot. somewhere during mile 6, jasen lost his footing as began rolling down the levee.

like rolling down the levee. i stop to look at him and realize i am utterly helpless. somehow he pulls himself up, and surprisingly he is not hurt. well, he is bleeding from his palms and wrist, but all-in-all good to go. when i realize he is ok, i start to cry. of course. so here i am, pregnant, running, crying and now hyperventilating from the lack of oxygen i am receiving because i am crying. after jasen repeats he is ok several hundred more times, i believe him, and so we continue.

you can see his bloody wrist here. it is never a dull moment running with this guy.

after the levee incident, we calmed our nerves, saw our friends and cheerleaders exdrodinare, andrew and monique, and we settled into finishing the race. i was proud to say that i was able to run the entire time. well, almost. somewhere in between miles 10-11 i felt a stabbing pain in my stomach. even though i am pretty tough, i knew i needed to stop and take it easy. it just wasn’t worth it. i had brief thoughts about having to walk the rest of the race. i prepared myself for the feelings of disappointment and a little sadness. but after a minute or so of walking, i felt better. and i kept running. and i was happy. because those last couple of miles would have been miserable if i had to walk.

and so i we did it. all 13.1 miles of it. in 2 hours and 24 minutes. i am pretty proud of ourselves.

it was a team effort. you can read all about nikki’s awesome race and finish here.

since we walked to the race, we had to walk back home…but not without a photo pitstop first.


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