baby’s room handmade haven (and then some).

whew! another decision made!

enter baby girl’s fabric:

amy butler::lotus wall flower cherry

jasen’s mom is sewing curtains for us. i just love that there will be little bits and pieces of people all over baby girl’s room (not literally, that would be gross). from handmade artwork, to clothing, even blankets.

sigh. it makes melt me a little.

i have been balancing a modified work schedule this week, with a little time to piddle in the room. things are coming around slowly, but they are coming around. i only have 5 weeks left (as of yesterday), but i am trying to work as if she might come early. who even knows, right?

the room is quite a mess. i knew you wouldn’t believe me, so i took pictures to prove it:

this is how i decided on a fabric choice. i taped a bunch of samples around the window and walked by it 1,000 times.

we are replacing the light fixture, and this is how far we have gotten with it. i don’t know how i feel about jasen’s ladder on my new rug. also a work in progress, finishing up the slats on the window shades. it seems like we are really good and getting started at things, but the finishing-follow-through is what we need to work on.

here is what we are changing the light fixture to: (thanks to a generous friend, sale, and some design dollars.)

abaca woven pendant from west elm

we are still without a few storage spaces, so, as you can see, things are piling up on the dresser. (but mostly in our bedroom. i won’t show you a picture. it is too embarrassing.)

oh yeah, and piling along the floor too.

i couldn’t resist this one. i did, however, finally paint the closet bar and was able to hang up her clothes. i have had a good time washing and folding her little clothes (i am aware the novelty will wear off). if we have a boy for some reason, well, he will look as equally lovely, i am sure. if you can believe it, most of these clothes are hand-me-downs! love! love! love! the others are from a sweet little baby shower i had with some girlfriends (if i can figure out how to get the pictures off my camera, i will tell you all about it), and maybe 2 i purchased myself.

so, all-in-all we are in a good place. a messy place, but a good one.


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