wondering wednesday :: baby blues (or pinks…)

today i am 3 weeks away from my due date. let’s hope it is not 4 (or heaven forbid 5) weeks away…but if so, we will take it in strides, like everything else in this pregnancy so far. not that things have been bad, actually they have been great, but you know…being flexible with anything that will come our way.

however…one thing i have been worrying constantly about is…what if this baby girl we are anticipating, is actually a little boy?

our 20 week ultrasound didn’t go as magical as one would hope. actually, it really wasn’t that great of an experience. it started with an overbooked technician and my overbooked bladder. i think i may have been in the most pain in my life. i wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom, but i did. 6 times to be exact. and when i was finally ready to be seen (over an hour later) the tech mentioned, “wow, you really have a full bladder.”


then after a dialogue about stupid sports trivia, statistics, and his eager anticipation about retiring in july, he casually mentions, in almost a mumble, “it looks like a girl to me.”

what’s that you say?

are you sure? can you check again? no little extra body parts you may have missed in your lackadaisical haze?

in my follow up appointment, the nurse said he wouldn’t have mentioned anything if he didn’t know. so that made me feel better.

until last week.

as i look around the baby’s (still very unfinished) room i noticed that it is becoming very much a little girl’s room.

now, it is mostly clothes, but the room, definitely, will be a girl’s room. but, i easily think we could flip the guest room/office and the baby’s room so we don’t have to paint again. we can work out the clothes part later. but, i’ve read babies can’t see color at first anyway, so we will just remember to take all our photos in black and white.

and in the meantime (and in color), he will just be a very, very fancy little boy.

but, that’s in now, right?

but, in all honesty, we are hoping for a happy and healthy baby. regardless of sex. we know he or she is about to change our life (for the better) and we are so thankful to have this wonderful experience.

so, if it is a girl…we are (almost) ready!

and if she turns out to be a he…

well…at least we have a name. which is more than i can say for this little girl of ours.


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