do it yourself cork mirror

i know, i can’t believe how fancy i am posting about a do it yourself project.

but you can…


because i did.

now, it may seem odd that i am choosing to use wine corks in a baby’s room, but the girl should know about her parents issues from early on, yes?

i kid, i kid.

jasen and i have been collecting wine corks since before we were married. we have kept them in a glass jar in our kitchen all this time, and i always wondered what i should do with them. i wanted to do something sentimental, because each cork tells a story: of a place we’ve been, or friends we have enjoyed the company with, or how we accidentally bought a $200 bottle of wine.

while we were in carmel, i saw a beautiful mirror at a store for the low, low price of $700.

say what?! i knew i could make it myself.

so i did! and for your viewing pleasure, a pictorial journey.

i found the mirror at ikea for $29.99.

i had the corks already, and i also decided to use a glue gun. i don’t recommend it. the corks seem to be on the frame now, but i have a feeling they may be popping of for the rest of my life. and, i also may have to enlist the phrase, “NO TOUCH” to baby girl 1,000,000,000,000,000 times. Or i can show her a picture of my blister (see below) to appeal to her epithetic side. “do YOU want this to happen to mommy again? DON’T TOUCH!” so, if you were going to make this yourself, be wiser than me, and use some heavy duty glue. and you will avoid the issue below.

i cut the corks in half, either evenly or one side short and the other long to give it some dimension around the frame. some corks i left in tact and one cork i turned sideways so you could read the words, “vintage 2005”, which was the year jasen and i were married.

pretty, ain’t she? the picture truly doesn’t do it justice. it evolved into different sizes/shapes of grief. but now, i can say it finally deflated.

you shouldn’t touch a glue gun when it’s hot. they do not feel sorry for pregnant ladies, and will not cut you a break.

so, that is my mirror. and i did it myself. (which will soon be obvious once the corks start popping off at an alarming rate.)


One thought on “do it yourself cork mirror

  1. Love it! I also have a big vase of corks… some date back more than 15 years!! We’ve shipped them here and there and everywhere and I have wanted to do something, but never have. I have written dates and events on them all, only keeping sentimental ones (or else we could pave the streets with them – HA!!). I don’t want another mirror, but maybe a large frame will work. Thanks for the idea!!

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