oh hedwig, you so crazy. v3

you have all had the chance to meet our darling hedwig. she always seems to find herself in crazy situation around our house. and most recently, she has been used as the trial and error model for working out the kinks with all the new baby stuff we have been accumulating. so, as you may have guessed, she has been busy. here are somethings she has been up to:

jasen had been out of town for a week (the longest he has been away) and hedwig begged me to go pick him up from the airport. how could i resist that face?

the next series of pictures show just how useful hedwig has been in our baby preparation. from dressing to swaddling to diapering, this little owl has seen it all.

you can tell hedwig is having as much fun as we are.

maybe even more so.


One thought on “oh hedwig, you so crazy. v3

  1. SO cute. can’t wait for baby! =)

    questions, unrelated, where did you get that bedding. and can you fb it to me? because i don’t get notifications when you answer here. thanks =)

    much love to you all-

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