wondering wednesday :: 40 weeks

am i still pregnant?

indeed i am.

40 weeks today. or maybe tomorrow. it depends what ultrasound we are going by.

one thing i know for sure. i am still pregnant. another thing i know for sure…i don’t need others to remind me of it.

if i had a dollar for every time someone greeted me with, “you’re still pregnant?” baby girl’s college should be paid for. and maybe her wedding.

it’s like that many people.

i am trying my absolute best not to let it get to me…but i am human.

you want to know what i blame?

social media.

yes, it is my own fault for having a facebook or twitter account. i envy those pregnant before facebook and twitter.

one thing that amazes me, would people actually assume jasen and i would go off and have a baby and not tell anyone. really? i am a semi-regular poster on facebook. i “check-in” to delnorte, or rubios…wouldn’t people assume that i would check into something monumental like a hospital?

can i get an amen?

whew. i need to let that one vent. sorry for the rant. i have been very good about keeping a level head and letting things go…but i think with the all the excitement, i am beginning to feel the pressure to birth.

and not the good, “here comes the baby’s head!” type of pressure. more like, “when are you going to have this kid already?” way.

let me let you in on a little secret…i am not in control.

shocking, right?

i think baby girl is content in there for now…and when she wants to make her grand debut, she will. and i am ok with that.

we have had a few last minute to-dos this week, and i think she is allowing us to get them done before her arrival. i can already tell she will be sweet and lovely like that.

on the checklist:

1. get the curtains hung in her room.
grandma ashdown made them for her and she has been so busy trying to get them finished. baby girl knows how important it is to her grandma that the curtains are hung before she gets here. (and they are! they came today!)

2. daddy finishes his 10 page research paper.
he has been in the library for the last 2 days writing and researching away. it will be such a relief he doesn’t have to worry about it once she is here.
3. waiting on my mom (grandma) to arrive.
baby girl knows how important it is to my mom to be here. my mom has been very worried she wouldn’t make it. she is on a plane heading our way, and baby seems to be staying put for today.
4. getting the house cleaned and in order.
done. finished it myself. (hopefully all that manual labor speeds up the process too.)
5. finishing some odds-and-ends in her room.
i don’t know if that will ever be truly finished. something still doesn’t feel right, or done to me. i can’t decide what it is. hopefully she won’t wait for me to figure it out.

(i did make this the other day with the leftover fabric from the curtains.)

in the meantime, i do want to send out a heartfelt thank you for all of the sweet messages, calls, texts, tweets, blimp announcements and so forth. we really do appreciate all of the love being sent our way. there is no need to feel bad or sorry if this baby doesn’t come today or tomorrow or sunday. we are not worried about it, and i am feeling great. i can not complain about still being pregnant, and i am content to wait it out as long as needed.

just don’t keep reminding me that i am pregnant.



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