one month

i think this pretty much sums up our first month. why didn’t anyone worn us about the crying?

i kid, i kid.

she isn’t always crying. just when she is awake.

we used sticky bellies for the photos, and it looks like they have different designs and stickers for pregnancy as well. i can officially say, “well, they didn’t have that when i was pregnant!”

to celebrate being an experienced mother of 5 weeks, there are a few things i would like to share.

1. you can never get enough head, face and lip kisses from your baby.
i mean, seriously. if you are around, and want to hold hazel, you may have to watch for the land mine of saliva dripping through her hair.

2. no babies are created equal.
not that my baby is better than another (but she is), but babies are different. and moms are different. and parenting styles are different. what works for the goose may not work for the gander. wait, is that the right analogy? what works for one may not work for other. i thought many things pre- baby about what i thought i would/wouldn’t do, but things change once you are left alone with the baby dinosaur who only wants to eat and eat and eat and eat.

and eat and eat and eat.

3. people will give your their opinion whether you ask or not.
like i said before, we are doing things different than expected. however, i am afraid to share “what we do” in fear of someone’s extreme opinion. so if you hear me say, “well, i am glad that works for you”, then run away from me. because you have annoyed me with your unwelcome advice, and you are 13 seconds away from a punch in the stomach.

4. babies poop a lot.
at least mine does. we are planning on cloth diapering, but our baby’s bum is still too small to fit them. we have really loved the seventh generation brand, but it is amazing how quickly we go through a package.

5. the baby swing is worth the investment.
we really tried to only buy what we thought we would use, and decided to wait on other things. our sweet baby loves to be held. call it spoiled if you want, but this baby girl will only be this small for a short time. we want to take advantage of every moment. well, until we have to shower, use the bathroom, make the bed, wash dishes, write thank you notes…just to name a few. we’ve tried the baby Bjorn, which usually works. however, my little space heater causes a terrible amount of back sweat. but do love it. especially with the adorable cover from my little roo. we don’t have the soft all organic cotton bjorn, but the hand-me-down version is just as lovely…because it was free!

i realize that i started this paragraph talking about one product and ended discussing another. sorry about that. i am just really passionate about products that have made parenthood a little easier. so, back to the swing. my mom told me a few times, “you should get a swing” and i blew her off. i don’t know why. the other day, after having a very long day of holding baby t-rex, i had enough. when jasen came home from work, i told him (not asked him) i’m getting a swing. i didn’t have time to check craigslist or read reviews.

i was desperate.

so, armed with a couple of target gift cards, i came home with this:

meet our life savor swing-by-me swing. it is cute with its little owls. i wanted a different one…but this one was half the price. let’s see if it holds up. baby girl has been in it for 2+ hours this morning asleep.


so, we are off and running into parenthood. we are exausted and worn out and totally in love. we love her sighs and squeaks and baby dinosaur noises. how could you not be? just look at this face!


3 thoughts on “one month

  1. Those stickers are such a great idea! And you are doing a wonderful job – I had one child who lived in her swing, and one who hated it. Trial and error, I tell you!! HA! Just have to figure it all out as you go along, and you obviously are doing great at that! I promise to listen out for “I’m glad that work(s)/(ed) for you” hints. 😉

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