(almost) 2 months in…my baby “stuff” review.

first, i need to address the overwhelming response about losing. i want to thank everyone for the support through comments, messages, emails, texts and the like. weight is a very passionate subject for women. no doubt. i truly have the most incredible support system around me who make me feel like a million bucks. however…i do need to further explain myself on a few things:

1. i honestly do not care what i weigh. i don’t. i made a deal with myself a long time ago that a number can not dictate how i feel about myself. with all the weightlifting and running i do, sometimes the number just doesn’t match the effort. so i am not focused on getting back to that pre-pregnancy number. it’s the truth. i know, with the effort, it will come in time.
2. the biggest problem i am facing is that i have no clothes that fit. none. zip. zero. that is my struggle. i literally wear the same skirt mixed with different maternity shirts, and if i am feeling fancy, maybe i will throw on a pair of maternity jeans. i went shopping for the first time on saturday, and after an hour trying on clothes, i ended up with a shirt.

it’s a start i guess.

3. i forget every struggle when holding my baby. and i remember, it was all worth it.

whew, that’s enough of that.

now that we are almost 2 months in (8 weeks yesterday!), i have a new list of “stuff” i have come to love. here it is, in no particular order:

1. the BOB revolution stoller

i didn’t think i would be able to use this until Hazel grew a little bigger, but i realized i would never get to run when i wanted. it was difficult to sync jasen’s schedule with mine, so i bit the bullet, and with my groupon plus a credit at goores, i decided to splurge and buy the infant seat adapter.

worth it.

see how happy she is after our first ride/run together?

2. my breast friend.

it’s a no joke nursing pillow. i first heard about it on “bethany ever after”, and it’s true, i try to copy parenting tips from a real house wife of whatever city. (while you shake your head in disgust, please know this was also recommended by kaiser.)

i truly love this pillow. i feel lost without it. so what if there is baby spit-up and soy sauce stains on the cover?

it has been loved by the both of us.

3. the puj tub.

i know what you are thinking, who would spend $40 on an infant tub? i would, for the convenience of storage and simplicity and the fact that Hazel LOVES IT! when we are done, i just hang it on the back of the door, out of the way. plus, i used a gift card for it, so i most likely used your money.


4. medela nipple shield

our pediatrician gave this to me to help with some soreness. enough said.

lastly, well, i will let this video speak for itself.


One thought on “(almost) 2 months in…my baby “stuff” review.

  1. Weight issue: It’s been 18 months after the twins. Still not even close to pre preg clothes. Enough said.
    BOB: Woot! Woot! Love it! And that smile is SO YOU!!!!
    Bath tub: Want one….for me.
    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night. Even if it is for BTS! xo

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