stupid baby hair bows

please forgive me if i offend you. i am not calling your baby stupid. or even your taste for that matter. i also want to have the right to have Hazel maybe, possibly but most likely not wear a hair bow someday.

hear’s my dilemma.

i have a bald baby girl. well, she’s not completly bald. she has some business in the back. but, that is a post for another time.

and this baby girl looks terrible in pink. hooray.

so, she wears a lot of neutrals, like white and brown.

and since she doesn’t wear pink or stupid baby hair bows, people think she is a him.

“how old is he?” they ask.

SHE is 2 months.”

then, flustered, they make some stupid comment that they couldn’t tell because she was wearing white.

REALLY? because she was wearing white?!

so Hazel has 2 choices. she can go through her baby life mistaken for a boy or look like a expensively wrapped present threw up on her head.

image from {posh little tutus}


2 thoughts on “stupid baby hair bows

  1. Ha! Personally, there was no way Hannah was doing the bow thing. It made me embarrassed for her because I just thought she looked silly and I personally am not a big bow or frill person and know I’d feel silly wearing a huge bow on top of my head. We opted for the neutral clothes (we had a lot because we left the baby gender a surprise) with the pink blankie and pink toys and lovies etc. It is interesting, though, how many people think that boys love pink blankies and soft pink lovies. We did a lot of the he/she. But the good news is that by the time she (or, after I got used to it, I cared what people thought, she looked ALL girl. 🙂

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