I’m bringing running back.

Feel free to sing along. Because bringing the running back will hopefully resurrect some sexy back (legs, abs, and arms) as well.

On a side note, remember when Justin Timberlake made music? Those were good times.

Monday, October 10th, will be the first day of 8 weeks that I will begin training for the California International Marathon. Which, incidentally, is one year to the day that I ran the Chicago Marathon. Jasen, Jackie and I will be tackling 26.2 miles as a relay team. Jasen and Jackie are splitting the first half (which is more difficult in my opinion), and I will finish with the last 2 legs equalling a half marathon.

I do wonder if I am asking too much of myself. On race day, i will just be shy of four months postpartum. I don’t say this for compliments or praise, i say this out loud to ask myself, “am I really doing this?” the last 4 weeks have resulted in some disappointing runs. I run, but mostly walk. Granted, I am pushing a stroller apparatus, which is new to me. But still, it is very slow going. I keep telling myself that my body just went through the most traumatic experience of it’s life, and to give myself a break.

But, it doesn’t work that way with me. I am adjusting to the “belly bulge” and weight gain. However, I am still having to run with my pregnancy skirt since my shorts are still snug. Which is fine. I love that skirt. Like almost in an unhealthy way.

I am using the same adapted schedule I used when I trained for the half during my pregnancy. Next Saturday I’ll be mostly walking running 6 miles. It’s been months since I’ve done it.

It’s possible, right? All hope in a comeback isn’t totally lost. I plan to take it slow and enjoy the process. I may even benefit from pushing the big BOB around. I’m so happy to have a bottle holder. I hate carrying water. It’s way inconvenient. Plus, I will get the added benefit of looking at this adorable face:


I’ll let you know how it goes.


4 thoughts on “I’m bringing running back.

  1. you go girl!! remember your words… “I plan to take it slow and enjoy the process.” : ) matt, H and I will be there at the finish line!! xo!

  2. Well done! You will rock it for sure! I could be following your example and attempt to run while pregnant, but instead I sit here eating a cookie thinking what a great idea running would be.

  3. Way to go Amanda!! I am adjusting to the new baby thing too! Even though I have a three year old it seems all new again! You inspire me! I can’t say I will be running, but I have started to do a two mile walk and my baby is five weeks going on six. Keep us posted I am proud of you!

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