three months

mommy went back to work this month.

can’t you tell?

please forgive the delay as i wipe the sleep from my eyes and try to remember where i parked my car.

hum, let me try to think of all the wonderful things hazel has done this month.

well, most exciting, ethan matthew was born! it is so exciting to have a cousin! i can already tell they are going to get themselves into a lot of fun. (notice i didn’t say trouble? the power of positive thinking.)

my dad was able to come up and see both grandbabies.
is he excited or what?

i started training for a half marathon. we spent extended periods in the jogging stroller.

but, before you pat me on the back, let me tell you that i spent most of my time walking. but, there were sweet moments in that as well.

much to everyone’s surprise, i didn’t get hazel dressed up for halloween. i just made her a little outfit.

i only captured one picture of our house. on my phone, no less.

we had our annual pumpkin carving party, and out of pure desperation, we threw together a family of hipster costumes.

here are hazel’s thoughts on the matter:

my brother captured some adorable pictures of hazel:

i purposely think she held out on her last baby trick until right before i went back to work. it’s like she wanted to make sure i saw (and thankfully captured) it.

she also found something. whenever i need a good laugh, i watch this video.

there are just too many cute pictures of her to leave out, so i tried my best to only pick a few (thousand).

she has been watching every drop or bite we consume. it should be time for big girl food soon.