four months

4 months already?
wow. time is truly flying by! going back to work has really been a bittersweet time for us. we are adjusting to life, and are finding some sort of rhythm to it. i am enjoying a little time away each day, but i have been fortunate to have holiday breaks over the last 2 months. january through march may be a different story.

hazel has been growing, learning and experiencing many different things this month. she also has been eating.

like a lot.

but, i guess babies do that.

we have had to experiment with her daily feedings while i am away pumping at work. she has been exclusively breastfed so far, so it has been hard to gauge how much she really is getting during mealtime. we had been giving her bottles, but never for 8 hour stretches. so we learned very quickly: she kinda eats a lot. unfortunately, i am unable to produce what she drinks during the day, so our “stockpile” has quickly depleted. so, around our house, i am known as the milk nazi. no drop shall be wasted.

it’s very stressful.

but, thanks to winter break, i was able to store at little more milk…so we should be good.

i hope.

H will start solids soon, so i think that should help curb her hunger more.

**fingers crossed**

we spent our first thanksgiving together running Sacramento’s annual run to feed the hungry on thanksgiving morning. and it was pouring rain.

and we still went.

because of the rain, we decided to start the race early with the 10k runners, and then just cut over to the 5k course. which would have been nice if the 5k course was marked. which it wasn’t. which means we ended up running the 10k. which would have been fine if hazel would have stayed sleeping. which she didn’t. and she was super mad. so now we were the parents who brought their infant out in the rain, who is now SCREAMING along the race route.

yup. that was us. a proud, proud, moment that is for sure.

it would have been better to show you an after picture…but no one needs to see that.

a week later was the california international marathon. which for some reason we signed up to do. as a relay team of course. however, deciding to train for a half marathon was not my brightest moment. it was probably the worst training of my life, and the run showed it. but, i am learning that things are different now and i am learning to be ok with that.

or so i keep telling myself.

hazel is learning to laugh big laughs which i find hilarious. she doesn’t do it too often, which means she has a selective sense of humor like her mother. she also is making the funniest of faces, all in short windows of each other. she gives a pretty mean disgusted look. also like her mother.

you’re welcome.

this is her introduction to Hedwig for the first time. it went well.

we borrowed a exersaucer from church. which she wasn’t sure about at first, but now she really has learned to love it. it is an eyesore if i ever saw one, but if i can get in a shower or a pee break? done.

you can see more excitement here, along with this super weird funny thing she has been doing with her lips.

i want to try an avoid a lot of christmas talk, since that technically is her fifth month, but they kind of overlap a little so i have decided to give you a little sneak peek of our christmas season.

we went to our favorite local(ish) christmas tree farm to fetch a tree. unfortunately the christmas sweater did not make an appearance this year.

it didn’t fit.

but, we will save that (sad,sad) story for another time.

we stopped at our favorite little mexican restaurant to have a bowl of chicken tortilla soup. yummy.

we scoured the hills of rappeti farms for the perfect tree. i think we found it in under an hour.

world record.

jasen’s family came in town to celebrate christmas with us at the beginning of december. we made a big shopping trip to the mall and hazel also sat in her high chair for the very first time.

such a big girl! i smashed up a little piece of banana, but she didn’t really eat it.

we have been dealing with this “gray” area when it comes to sleeping. hazel often falls asleep when we are in the car, and we never know if we should take her out of her car seat, or just leave her there. usually we just leave her there. she seems fine, no?

we have had a hard time transitioning into the crib. i never in a million years thought it would be this hard. but, after i came home from work one day and the babysitter told me she had held her for 3 hours while she napped, i knew we needed to try working the crib into our daily routine. we really aren’t a big advocate for “crying it out”. it doesn’t work for us. but, i decided to try it once for nap time.

heartbreaking. and yes, that is a real tear. the first one i have ever seen. i set my timer for 20 minutes. i walked in and a few times and tried to be strong.

nope. not for me. we’ll try again later.

this mom business is no joke.

but, on to happier times.

while i was on break, jasen and i took hazel to see santa. we went back and forth about it. should we? shouldn’t we? so, we decided to do it. and i am glad we did. even though santa lived in a fairy butterfly house at arden mall. not sure what that was about.

we even went to loehmann’s so we could all get in on the fun.

i can’t believe how fast she is growing. our lives have changed in such a big way. we are enjoying this journey. hard, for sure, but so rewarding.

here are a few favorite pictures i just couldn’t leave out this month:


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