i took part in a photo challenge for the month of february (thanks to kristen).

you know, because i am not busy enough with like work and stuff.

anyway, looking back, i am glad i did it. here is a recap of what february looked like to me:

1. your view today

2. words

3. hands

4. a stranger ( i had a hard time with this one. creeptastic at its finest. this was my compromise.)

5. 10 am

6. dinner

7. button

8. sun

9. front door. (yes, that is a christmas wreath. in february.)

10. self-portrait

11. makes you happy (brunch with my family.)

12. inside your closet

13. blue

14. heart

15. phone

16. something new

17. time

18. drink

19. something you hate to do (pull my hair out of her strong little fists.)

20. handwriting

21. a fav photo of you

22. where you work

23. your shoes

24. inside your bathroom cabinet

25. green

26. night

27. something you ate

28. money

29. something you are listening to


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