six months

every month seems to have “firsts”. however, this month seems to have a lot of them.

in big news, hazel has started solid food. we started her out with oatmeal. which she found strange at first, but has grown to love it. i think it is because it is mixed with the ever irreplaceable liquid gold. (AKA breast milk.)

she is still so tiny in her high chair that we have to put a pillow behind her. maybe someday her body will catch up with her cheeks.

I have been trying to make my own baby food. (you know, with all the free time i have these days.) I was able to find some really good tips from Frugal Foodie Blog. (She also has FANTASTIC recipes for big people too.)

(you know what i mean.)

wholesome baby food also has some great recommendations and helpful tips about different foods.

it has turned out to be really easy to do. who knew?

you really don’t need a lot of fancy equipment. here’s what i use:

a blender or food processor.
when i was pregnant, i found an amazing deal on a mini food processor at williams and sonoma of all places. it is a super simple model, with only 2 functions, but it has worked great.

Cuisinart Elite Die Cast-Mini Prep 4 Cup.

After i prepare the pureed goodness, i spoon it into these pretty amazing ice-cube trays:

tovolo perfect cube silicone ice-cube tray

i am certain a simple, plastic ice tray would be fine. however, i like the silicone tray because it is easy to pop out the 1 ounce cubes for storage. i put a piece of saran wrap over the tray before placing it in the freezer. i do get a bit of frostbite on top, and i am not sure how to fix it. maybe it’s the plastic wrap i use? or our overzealous freezer? maybe someone is not shutting the freezer completely?

(that would never be me, by the way.)

(on deck, pears for breakfast (with oatmeal) and pears and sweet potatoes for lunch.)

instead of buying bowls, i found these beauties at whole foods (which were cheaper than on amazon):

green sprouts 4 ounce snack cup

hazel has enjoyed trying new foods. well, we have enjoyed watching her try them.

like green beans:

i went to buy organic apples, but then i noticed that there was local and organic applesauce at whole foods. it was less expensive to buy the premade jar then the whole, organic apples from chile.

i do believe she finds them a little tart, no?

i bought some bananas, but i noticed they were getting ripe quickly. so i threw them in the food processor with some of the applesauce and freezed them like everything else. then, every night i pull a cube out and let it defrost in the fridge for the next day.

hazel has also tried sweet potatoes and peas:

and most recently, pears:

she has also had other firsts this month. like, sitting in the shopping cart at target.

and in bigger news…crawling!

she has found a new-found love for the remote control.

(just like her mama.)

we are also hearing “ba ba ba ba ba”, “ma ma ma ma ma” and “da da da da da”. however, she has been too stealth for us to capture on camera. maybe next month.


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